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Calling another station format

A user should call another user using the - "called unit from calling unit" format (also known as "hey you - it´s me" format) using calling identifiers as shown above:

  • “Illinois State Police car 2-5 From IMEA 3”

Followed by:

  • “IMEA 3 From Illinois State Police car 2-5, go ahead”

Always use high power on portables

Use high power in portables. The city is not a flat field with no obstructions. Spend some money on batteries and do not live trying to save your only battery, that only keep you making noise on the repeaters. If even with high power you can not reach my repeaters or nodes, try a better location, a better antenna and or a better radio.

Support and donations

Sorry, no support. I will not help you to program your radio or setup your system, there is plenty information in the libraries and on the internet. Yes this is the way I was taught by old amateur radio farts, now is time to pay them back.

I do not accept donations, etc. When people makes any kind of donation, they thinking they are the new owners of my stuff, They want to rule and control it, so forget about it. Invest on your own.