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My stuff, my rules

Here you will find the rules and policies for using my repeaters, bridges and nodes. If you do not follow them, you will be blacklisted. That simple.

As the owner, I reserve the right to forbid the use of any repeaters, bridges, remote bases or voice over internet protocol by anyone who repeatedly violates these rules, or anyone who facilitates or encourages others to violate these rules.



My repeaters, bridges and nodes maintain and operates high-quality, wide-coverage area for the use of all amateur radio operators. Operation and use of these shall comply fully with:

  • US Amateur Radio Service (Part 97) regulations of the Federal Communication's Private Radio Service.
  • Mexico IFT Ley Federal de Telecomuncaciones y Radiodifusión published on July 14, 2014.


  • My repeaters, bridges and nodes are provided for the purposes of contacting and passing information between fellow amateur radio operators, and providing service to the public as a voluntary, non-commercial communication service, research and development, and particularly with respect to providing emergency communications when comercial services are not available. If you can reach 911 go that way.
  • In the spirit of Amateur Radio Service, users shall respect and support each other in a courteous and positive manner. Due to the wide coverage of the repeater system operators should always pause a minimum of three seconds before transmitting, to allow another station to break in.
  • Operators shall announce their call sign before transmitting any touch-tone commands, at the end of each communication, and every ten minutes or less during a communication.
  • There shall be absolutely no communications containing obscene, indecent, or profane words, language, or meaning. Discussion of religion, political or potentially sensitive social issues shall be avoided.
  • For digital systems as DMR, NXDN and P25, you must have your 7-digit ID will be according to the DMR-MARC/TRBO-6/NorCal/DCI/NC-PRN scheme. [You can apply here].
  • Be sure also to DISABLE the ARS!!! ARS is not permitted on DMR. We do not allow GPS positions to be beaconed over the ENTIRE network every 30 seconds.
  • For digital repeaters, see my Talk Groups list. Using not listed Talk Groups is forbidden.
  • For DMR-MARC talk groups you must also follow the DMR-MARC rules.
  • For DMR+ talk groups you must also follow the DMR+ rules.
  • No one shall cause or condone the malicious or intentional interference of anyone's communications on the repeaters, bridges or nodes.
  • Users shall not communicate with, or discuss the actions of, anyone who violates these rules.

I will turn off a repeater, bridge or node to terminate improper operation. No warnings or explanations, you are supposed to know the rules if you are using my systems.

  • Control of node connections is normally restricted. Visitors should e-mail me (km4nno at to gain access codes for the phone patch, PTTLink, IRLP or Echolink nodes they want to connect to other reflectors or nodes. The gateway to the reflectors is open to hams to talk to whoever they hear.
  • Some IDs, nodes and experimental reflectors are black-listed, please do not contact me to white-list them. I will never do. Their owners/admins been rude with me with no reason, those are the consequences.
  • If your node is connected to one of my nodes, there must be NO (as in zero) repeater hang time allowed to pass through to PTTLink, IRLP, or Echolink, nor anything resembling a courtesy tone. This means set it to zero, not 500ms or even 100ms. If you are using a keyed CTCSS approach to solving this problem, make sure your tone encoder/decoder combination drops as fast as possible. No repeater IDs or controller messages are allowed at all, unless they are under a user transmission.
  • Cross-links are only acceptable with a written permission from me. Please contact me before making any test or connection or you will be black-listed forever.
  • Please advise your users to disconnect your node if a local conversation becomes extended. Short local greetings are okay while connected, but do not tie up my nodes with a 10 minute local QSO or worst, one hour.