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reboot /noconfirm
SETIP “eth0" /mask=


SetVar $choruschasers="Executors 3 + 4 + 10"

Macro popups:

SetVar $universe=("Which Universe?") 
SetVar $address=("Which Address?") 
Assign Dmx $universe .$address At Selection

Conditional expressions

SetVar $answer=("really delete all groups? yes/no") 
[$answer=="yes"] Delete Group Thru


Port: 30000

Crash Logs

To see if the console has generated any crash logs:

  1. Open the "CommandLine Feedback" window
  2. Type into the command line: Crashloglist
  3. If there are any crash logs, they will be displayed in the feedback window
  4. If logs are found, put a USB Stick in the console and select the USB stick from the [Backup] menu
  5. Type into the command line: Crashlogcopy
  6. This will copy all crash logs to the gma2\temp folder on your USB stick.
  7. Please send us the crash logs, show file, and exact steps you took to get the console to crash.

Actualizate con el curso "Redes para la Industria del Espectáculo" que se impartirá en el DF. Entre los temas veremos: DMX, Art-Net, sACN (E1.31), RDM, MIDI, SMPTE, redes LAN, Pathport, utilidaes para pruebas y solución de problemas, etc. Inscribete ya, informes por inbox.

<syntaxhighlight lang="lua" line='line'>

my $internet_on;

  1. For Telnet;

use Net::Telnet (); my $telnet_host; my $telnet_port; my $telnet_username;

my $telnet_password;

  1. For Telnet;

use Net::Telnet (); my $telnet_host; my $telnet_port; my $telnet_username; my $telnet_password;

                                                                                                                                                                                    1. $
  1. Telnet
                                                                                                                                                                                    1. $
sub cmd_telnet($$)
   my($rx, $args) = @_;
   #warn "Telnet cmd\n";
   return if (!$is);
   my($cmd, @words) = @$args;
   my $msg = lc(@words);
   warn "*** Hello Telnet World ***\n";
   my $t = new Net::Telnet (Timeout => 10, Prompt => '/bash\$ $/‘);
   my $t = new Net::Telnet (Port => telnet_port, Prompt => '/bash\$ $/‘, Timeout => 10);
#       my $res = $t->print('login ' . $telnet_username .' ' . $telnet_password);
       my $res = $t->print($msg);
   warn "Telnet sent res = $res\n";
   'gma' => \&cmd_telnet,

  1. Internet connection.
$internet_on = $c->{'internet_on'};
  1. Telnet.
$telnet_host = $c->{'telnet_host'};
$telnet_port = $c->{'telnet_port'};
$telnet_username = $c->{'telnet_username'};
$telnet_password = $c->{'telnet_password'};