Project consultantContact WLPS
ArtMedia v2.x Server Full (server with license for 32 Layers, 10 PixelMap Universes).400.00 USD
ArtMedia v2.x Full (only dongle, 32 Layers, 10 PixelMap Universes).$200.00 USD
Catalyst v5.02 m525 Media Server (40 Layers, 40 SubMixes, 30 PixelMad Universes, 01 Dual HDSDI Capture Card, 01 LFG-4 Capture Card).$ 800.00 USD
MA Command Wing (rental only as a complement of programming services).$ 300.00 USD
Single Media Server Programming Services (8 hours).$350.00 USD
Moving lights programming, up to 16 fixtures (8 hours).$250.00 USD
Moving lights programming up to 24 fixtures (8 hours).$300.00 USD
Moving lights programming up to 32 fixtures (8 hours)$350.00 USD
Moving lights programming (up to 128 fixtures).Contact WLPS
Vari*Lite VL2500 Spot/Wash$50.00 USD
Studio Due - Light Deflector.$35.00 USD