ArtMedia v2.9.0

WLPS's ArtMedia server now supports up to 4 Outputs, 32 video layers, 32 SubMixes, and 04 live video inputs.

Main features:

  • 04 Fully independent video outputs on all versions.
  • Up to 32 Video Layers.
  • Up to 32 SubMixoutputs.
  • Blending on each output and SubMix for panoramas and video walls.
  • PixelMap output for RGB, CMY o dimmer fixtures with sACN, Art-Net II, PathPort KiNet, and/or Enttec protocols.
  • DMX Control with sACN, Art-Net II, PathPort, KiNet and/or Enttec protocols.
  • 04 Live video inputs.
  • Sinc control with MIDI Timecode and/or Art-Net Timecode and/or another ArtMedia server.
  • 40 Snapshots memory using keyboard so no lighting desk needed.
  • MIDI control with Elation's MIDIcon with aditional Snapshots memory.
  • Keystone control per layer.

Media files formats:

  • Image Files: 24 bits BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF and TGA 24 y 32 bits.
  • Video files: AVI y DIVX (no audio).
  • Video files MPEG, MOV, WMV (frames or only audio supported by now).

Control per Layer:

  • Frame acurate control, diferent play modes like forward, reverse, sync to MTC, sync to Layers.
  • Speed control.
  • X, Y Position control.
  • Scale fine control.
  • Aspect control.
  • X, Y y Z Rotation, indexed, and continous.
  • Keystone correction.
  • Smooth variable Dimmer.
  • Variable Strobe.
  • RGB Color control and color Effects.
  • Visual effects including 2D and 3D Effects.
  • Asignable to any Submix.
  • Up to 4 Live video inputs.
  • Use Layer as input.

Where to use:

  • Image control for pre-processing image data for LED screens, reducing the screen processors needed for multi-displays.
  • Process and image control for projection screens on multi-screen environments.
  • Image control for theather, concerts, opera and corporate shows.
  • Image procesing for DL-1 type ML fixtures.
  • Multimedia automation.

Global Specs:

  • Same fixture parameters as Catalst v4.
  • Windows ompatible (XP, Vista and 7) 32 and 64 bits.
  • License with USB Dongle, thus enableing to transfer license thru computers for manteinance.

Contact WLPS to schedule a demo.

Now Available for rentals.

Rmote v1.5.1


Software Rmote v1.5.x to interface MIDI control sufaces to control "On PC" lighting software.

Supported Controller (not limited to):

  • Elation - MIDIcon
  • Tascam -US-428
  • Korg -Nano Control
  • Behriger - BCF2000
  • Apple iPad with OSC

With PC lighting software like:

  • GrandMA2 OnPC
  • WholeHog 3 PC
  • Wholehog 2 PC
  • Martin M-PC
  • Compulite Vector PC (Beta)
  • Jands Vista2 PC (Beta)

Contact WLPS to schedule a demo.



WLPS created a custon solution for the Baseball Scoreboard at Foro Sol making possible to Roger Waters build a bigger stage.

Luminotecnia FX

Custom made solucion based on software and hardware to control special FX by a computariced and centralized system for Luminotecnia FX company. Now it is easier than ever to control CO2 Fx, Fire Fx, bubbles, and many other effects.

Art-Net Nodes

Art-Net to DMX-512 (1990) Nodes (wired and wireless).

This is a Legacy product.


Glass Art Gobos

We can make this 7 stule of custom Glass Art Gobosfor any fixture on the market. They can make a stuning diference on a tight budget production to look like an expensive one.



Custom Power Distros

Power Distros can be custom made under request. Tell us your needs.

Distro 01 Distro 01