Wodielite Production Services is a custom solutions developer/integrator for different markets, including concert touring, corporate events, trade shows, special events, theatre, television, film, and military. Our years of experience serving the specialized needs of each of our markets. Our goal is to supply any custom system or solution, and give the required technical support to any production on the road.

By 2014 Wodielite started offering custom automation services for different customers. This can only be achieved after more than 10 years of experience in the show business.

Wodielite was formed on January 2003 to supply custom fixtures and technical production for the entertainment industry. Our goal is to supply any custom system and give technical support to any production on the road. In 2005 Wodielite started giving dedicated training for lighting rental companies.

Actually we are the first choice supplier for different companies like: Soluciones en Audio, Turavisión S.A. de C.V., Arena México, BelcanPro, Adverteere Group, Foto Niza Productions, PRG Mexico, Seven Fingers, Luminotecnia, etc. A partial list of the systems developed are: DMX dousers, DMX fans, camera cranes, Lanc camera controls, Kabuki drop systems, Lighting controllers Intercommunication software (Rmote v1.4.x), Media Servers (ArtMedia v2.8.x), robotic camera dollies, prompting software (HD Prompter v1.0) and automation software and hardware (Vector Motion v1.x), and immersive reality systems.