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P25Link was first conceived around December, 2017. By the end of January, 2018 a sync HDLC to async HDLC board begin to be developed by Bryan W9CR and Carlos KM4NNO. A ambitious project that will be the evolution form P25NX.

On October 10, 2019, a Bridge code between P25NX and P25-MMDVM on talk group 10203 was released for testing. The bridge is based on Perl. Later, by April 2020, a dashboard and more talk groups were added.

During June 2020, the first public release for code that replaces the old P25NX C# Code been uploaded to github. The code was completely written from scratch using Perl.

By October 24, the first .deb package was released.


p25link_2.30-1 Raspberry Pi Raspbian Installer - Public release Oct. 24, 2020.

P25.Link in a nutshell

P25Link Perl code talks to Quantar repeater by a HDLC card Or a Cisco router using STUN (serial tunneling). It also connects to P25NX network using a VPN managed by the Cisco router and exchange data with other systems running P25Link code or P25NX code. All this data is exchanged using Multicast UDP frames. To connect to P25-MMDVM reflectors, it establish an UDP connection with the linked reflectors.


Bryan W9CR

Juan Carlos KM4NNO/XE1F

Under Construction!

27 47 67 1B2F43

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