P25Link, P25NX and P25-MMDVM bridge

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Bryan W9CR and Juan Carlos KM4NNO/XE1F setup a group of P25 reflectors and a digital only bridge between P25NX Networks and the P25-MMDVM Network. They also created code that extends the talk groups capabilities of P25NX and named it P25Link.

P25Link Last Heard board

The current Talk Groups that are bridged at the moment are:

P25NX and P25-MMDVM Linked Talk Groups
Worldwide 10100
Worldwide TAC-1 10101
Worldwide TAC-2 10102
Worldwide TAC-3 10103
North America 10200
North America TAC-1 10201
North America TAC-2 10202
North America TAC-3 10203
Europe TAC-2 10302
Europe TAC-3 10303

P25Link Last Heard admin board

P25Link Heard IDs .json file

P25Link Heard IDs .xlsx file

If you are running a P25-MMDVM reflector and want it to be bridged to the P25Link network or the P25NX network, drop me an email.