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Bryan W9CR and Juan Carlos KM4NNO/XE1F setup a group of P25 reflectors and a digital only bridge between P25NX Networks and the P25-MMDVM Network.

P25Link Last Heard board

The current Talk Groups that are bridged at the moment are:

P25NX and P25-MMDVM Linked Talk Groups
Worldwide 10100
Worldwide TAC-1 10101
Worldwide TAC-2 10102
Worldwide TAC-3 10103
North America 10200
North America TAC-1 10201
North America TAC-2 10202
North America TAC-3 10203
Europe TAC-2 10302
Europe TAC-3 10303

P25Link Last Heard admin board

P25Link Heard IDs .json file

P25Link Heard IDs .xlsx file

If you are running a P25-MMDVM reflector and want it to be bridged to the P25NX Network, drop me an email.