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These are features I miss on the Mototrbo ION radio:

  1. DTMF keypad.
  2. MDC Pre.
  3. Activate contact remote monitor.
  4. Tx Interrupt/remote de-key on screen option.
  5. Multi-button PTT.
  6. FPP.
  7. Voice announce during channel change.
  8. RSSI meter display.
  9. Assign lamp on/off to a physical key.
  10. Job Tickets.
  11. Ability to send text messages with Wave.
  12. ability to add Wave contacts.
  13. Cable programming with CPS2 (not radio management version).

Hi, we have some Mototrbo ION radios and we have some feature requests that are needed on our IONs. 1.- DTMF tones on our analog and digital channels, just like we did with our old XPR7550. 2.- Remote Monitor feature as with old XPR7550. 3.- Multi-button PTT feature. 4.- RSSI meter display, that will be really handy for technical area. We purchased IONs for out top executives and for the technical area, as IONs were supposed to have all licenses included as the Mototrbo flagship. Can you please help us to get such features enabled soon? It is a very nice product that just miss some features. Thank you.