My story with amateur radio

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Work in progress

He is considered to be one of the worst in the amateur radio history, here are some reasons:

  • He never goes for ragchew on HF bands.
  • Ha does not have made any QSO in HF, and so his log have zero QSLs.
  • He have no awards, even at or issued by any other amateur radio association, by the way he is not after one.
  • He does not build his own antennas (he use commercial antennas).
  • He use commercial radios (Motorola, etc) instead of amateur radios.
  • He promoted some advantages of the current licensing mode for amateur radio in Mexico, looking forward to get a mix between old license rights and actual rights and promote a law update.
  • He works as consultant for commercial radio.
  • Since 2019 he opposed to expensive fares imposed by radio clubs
  • Desde 2019 se opone al cobro excesivo por cursos y el cobro por la expedición de constancias de conocimientos por parte de radio clubs y/o radioaficionados a los aspirantes a dicha actividad.
  • Difunde documentos que muestran lo que directivos de la FMRE han tratado de ocultar a sus miembros, como demandas, sentencias, violaciones a los estatutos y/o reglamentos, etc.